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Prairie West Hole Videos

Better your golf game by watching a video of each of Prairie West Golf Course holes prior to teeing off!

Each drone flyover gives a feel of how the hole looks, size and the environment. 

Videos are sponsored by Houston Engineering, Inc. 

Front 9 Back 9
Hole 1 Hole 10
Hole 2 Hole 11
Hole 3 Hole 12
Hole 4 Hole 13
Hole 5 Hole 14
Hole 6 Hole 15
Hole 7 Hole 16
Hole 8 Hole 17
Hole 9 Hole 18


Prairie West Golf Club features a state of the art practice facility. Practice any shot that you will face on the course, or simply work on whatever area of your game you are looking to improve. Click here to view the practice area.