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Hole #14 at Prairie West

Updated 9.3.20

Have you noticed the renovation of hole #14 at Prairie West? This renovation has been going on for the past four years and we are happy to say the major portion of the ditch renovation is complete!
In 2016, land adjacent to hole #14 at Prairie West Golf Course underwent the first phase of housing development. In conjunction with the home construction, a portion of remnants of the former Heart River Dike system that still remained was removed to open up views of the golf course, as well as creating a place for storm water retention. Throughout the last several years, as the housing development proceeded and golf course needs were considered, several variations of the retention ditch were constructed. Years of record precipitation such as 2019, and extreme drought in 2020 proved that further renovations needed to be made to ensure the area was both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Through the last several years, water drainage patterns and the holding capacity were analyzed and recorded. In the late summer of 2020, Bowers Excavating completed renovation of the retention ditch. This included grading the site to ensure runoff from all adjacent properties would flow into the intended holding area, shaping the slope of the bank so Prairie West maintenance staff could properly maintain the area, and installation of a liner to ensure water is held there to be utilized as a hazard on hole #14. Seeding of the retention ditch slopes was completed in early September. The area will now function as intended—as a storm water retention ditch, while being an aesthetically pleasing and strategic golf course feature.
A special thanks goes to the Mandan Hockey Club, who awarded the Mandan Park District with a Conservation Grant in July of 2020. The retention ditch will fit seamlessly into the natural surroundings of the golf course, and be home to various forms of wildlife. In addition to the renovation of the retention ditch, conservation funding in the future will also be utilized for the planting of wildflowers and installation of duck & bat houses at Prairie West Golf Course.